Frequently Asked Questions

Are your health & fitness programmes suitable for all ages and fitness levels?


Yes, any of our programmes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Our group personal training programme works with complete beginners and for those that are advanced too. No matter your current fitness levels, whether you've never worked out before or have experience, this is suitable for any fitness level. 


We generally work with those aged between 28-58 years old. However, if you are over 60 years old, we will need to carry out a full physical assessment of you before you join for health & safety reasons. 







Is it suitable for all shapes & sizes?


Yes, our programmes are suitable for any shape and or/size. 


We have successfully transformed the lives of women who were 20+  stone when they first started with us, so if they can do it you absolutely can :) 





How many women do you allow in one group personal training session?


We allow a maximum of 6 per group personal training session. This is to ensure we can offer you a one-to-one level of service whilst training within a small group. If it were any higher than 6, we couldn't get the results with our clients like we do and it's impossible to offer personal training if the group becomes too big.


We have two floors and a team of personal trainers and body transformation specialists, so if you ever see more than 6 in, it's because the groups will be split between two floors with two different trainers. Therefore, we have a limit of 12 for some sessions, with 6 on each floor. 






I have an injury/old injury. Is this programme safe for me? 


You will need to contact us regarding this as it really depends on the severity of your injury. When contacting us, please provide as much information as possible, including how it affects you and what movements or exercises you find particularly difficult or painful. 


This will then really help us decide if our programmes are safe for you. 






I have a medical condition. How will this affect my application?


Again, very similar to the point mentioned above. The more information you provide, the more we can see if our programmes are safe for you. 







What type of training do you focus on in your personal training sessions?


We focus on short, intense high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using a combination of bodyweight exercises, weight training, free weight training, core strength, balance and conditioning. 







How long are your group personal training sessions? 


We run short, intense but fun and engaging 30-minute sessions, plus 5 minutes of stretching at the end of the workout. 


The reason for this, as opposed to an hour session, is because it is more likely that you are going to be more consistent with a shorter workout time, as it will fit easier within your current lifestyle. We all live very busy lives and the majority of our female clients have children (which we all know take up a considerable amount of our time), so it's not always realistic to commit to one hour sessions 3-4 times per week. 


The other reason is that when training using the principles of HIIT, you won't need any longer than 30 minutes - trust us! :D 








Is this the same as a class at a gym? 




Classes and group personal training often gets confused and/or mixed up. 


Classes are where there is one fitness instructor (not a Personal Trainer) and where there is a room packed with people, sometimes 20-40+. You are left alone and you'll watch others in order to learn, rather than have someone assigned to you to watch you and to correct you if you do it wrong. 


Classes are designed to just get numbers in, to sweat and feel good and have a good time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, however, they are not designed to produce the best results for the majority of people when it comes to body transformation.


Group Personal Training is where there is a group of 6 or less and a fully qualified Personal Trainer with you. We go a step above that and we have fully qualified Body Transformation Experts to help you along with your journey and training sessions. You will be getting individual and personalised help and motivation throughout your sessions and you can't get that at your regular class. 


Group Personal Training has been proven to be the best solution for the majority of women when it comes to making a body transformation.







Why Group Personal Training and not One-to-One Personal Training? 


That's a great question! 


All of The Body Transformers Team have previously been one-to-one personal trainers and they all started their personal training careers within the one-to-one market. 


What we quickly identified is that one-to-one personal training is offering clients a huge disservice and a lack of results. 


Most personal trainers charge £30-50 per hour for one session. 


How many times per week could the average person afford to go based on that price? Once a week? Two to three at a real push for some people? Even once every other week.


The problem with this is that Personal Trainers give their clients what they want to hear in terms of price and then under deliver on their level of service to them. 


Let's say you went to see the Doctor about an issue you're having and you want it sorted. After assessing you and realising you need a prescription medication to help you, does he turn round and say "Would you like one, two or three tablets a day?"


NO! You would think he's out of his mind. His job is to provide you what you NEED, not what's cheapest for you and that should be no different for any qualified professional. 


Most one-to-one personal trainers will ask you how many sessions per week you'd like to do rather than tell you what you need. The issue is that if they told you what you need it would probably be around 3-4 sessions a week which would cost the average client around £360-£600 per month. 


The benefit of group personal training is that you still get the best level of help from an expert who knows what they're doing and the cost of the personal training sessions are spread out amongst the group. This means you can do more sessions in the week, get more motivated, get more help and guidance AND pay a lot less than what you would do a one-to-one personal trainer. 


What we've created here at The Body Transformers is simply a win-win situation for everyone. You get more help, a better level of service and better results and pay less for it than you would do privately. Because of your results, your friends and family will want to know what you're doing and this will produce us referrals. Our business is based on word of mouth and referrals so it is in our best interest to help produce you the best results and for that, we need to spend as much time with you as we can. 








What is the price of your 14 Day Programme?


The investment for our 14-Day Programme privately would usually be £499. 


However, because you are within a group and it's your first time with us, we will only charge you £47.


That's it! :)


No hidden terms & conditions tying you into any contracts past the 14 days.


It comes with '14-Day Money Back Guarantee' which means if you really don't enjoy your time with us, we will provide you with a full refund of £47. 


Click the button below to find out more about our 14 Day Programme







What happens after the 14 Day Programme? 


As part of your 14 Day offer, you have a private one-to-one transformation session with one of our Elite Body Transformation Specialists.  


At the end of your 14 days, you'll be scheduled into your private one-to-one with Ben for around 60 minutes. Ben is one of the founders and Head Body Transformation Specialists at The Body Transformers. This private one-to-one is worth £99 but you get this included with your 14 days. 


In this private one-to-one, you will be going over your results you achieved with us during your 14 days. We will need to discuss all of your goals in detail, find out WHY you want this change, find out if your goals are achievable and realistic, set some goals for you and see if your goals are possible to reach - if they are we'll show you how you can reach them.


We will then talk to you about nutrition and the BEST way to get to your goals. What the best foods are for you specifically and find something that you can be consistent with, not yo-yo off and on to, like perhaps some of the things you've tried in the past. 


Essentially we want to find out what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and then we'll show you how to get there. 


Based on what you tell me in the private one-to-one together will determine what the prices are moving forward for you.


At The Body Transformers, we pride ourselves on the level of value, service and results we provide for our clients which are the reasons we are the best at what we do and the most popular personal training business in Swindon. 


The prices on our programmes are all based on what is discussed in your one-to-one with us. At The Body Transformers, we provide exactly what you need in order to get you to where you want to get to, so essentially we create you a bespoke programme which is individually tailored to you, so it really depends on what is discussed in your one-to-one together that will determine your price. 


Once your one-to-one is finished and we have a clearer view on everything, we will be able to give you a view on prices etc moving forward. 







What if I miss a session? Will I get these sessions carried over?


Unless due to medical reasons, we cannot carry over sessions. Another reason why we do this is to help motivate you to do your best to make the sessions otherwise we can't get you the results we promised you. 


On the rare occasion we may carry over a session for personal reasons but this needs to be talked through with one of The Body Transformers Team members before clearance can be given. 







Am I guaranteed results? 


Yes. Absolutely! 


We personally guarantee that you'll get the results you want if you follow the advice & guidance and rules we prescribe to you.


If you want to see what kind of results we get for our clients, please visit our 'Success Stories' page on this website. 





Where are you based? 


We are based in West Swindon at the following address:


Unit 14 Glenmore Business Park

Southmead Close





You can find us on Google Maps :)





What times do the sessions run?


Our Group Personal Training Sessions run at the following times:
















Do you have variety in your sessions? I get bored easily. 


Yes, we do :D


We know how important it is to enjoy what you're doing because that will make it much easier to be consistent. 


No session will be the same. Even though we may work similar body parts, each session is different and we do our best to vary it up as much as possible, whilst still producing the best results. 


Here's our weekly schedule: 


Monday - HIIT & Core/Abs

Tuesday - Upper Body

Wednesday - Combat HIIT

Thursday - Lower Body

Friday - HIIT








How many sessions do I get with the 14 Day Programme?


You will get access to 8 Group Personal Training Sessions within your 14 days with us. We space these out by having 4 on one week and 4 on the other. 


If you can only make 3 of the 4 that's ok, your results won't differ very much at all. However please note that we cannot carry missed sessions over to following weeks.






How do I book the sessions?


If your application has been successful and we accept you onto our 14 Day Programme, we will then send you a secure payment link so that you can reserve your space and confirm your booking.


Once we receive your payment, we will then send you instructions via email which will show you how to book your sessions. We have our very own app which you can book all your sessions through and self-manage it from the comfort of your own home or when you're out and about. 






Do I Have To Do The Same Time For Each Of My Sessions?



The great thing about our app and timetable of sessions is that it allows complete flexibility. You can book different times for different days if you wish, you do not have to stick to the same time for each of your sessions. If you need to cancel a session at the last minutes and change to a later or earlier time, you can do that through the app too.


All your booking is completely self-managed through our app and booking system so you'll be in control of booking in and out of your sessions whenever you wish to :)





If I Do The 14 Day Programme, Am I Tied Into Any Contract?


Firstly, we completely understand your scepticism. The majority of us have been sold something that when we've read the small print, it's tied us into something we never originally intended to and we feel robbed.


We can promise you that we do not operate like that. There is absolutely nothing tying you into staying on with us after your 14 days. All we do is simply give you an option after your private one-to-one, but it is completely up to you whether you do or don't :)


You can also cancel your 14 days at any point and we will provide you with a full refund.





Any More Questions?


Thank you for taking the time to read our frequently asked questions. If you do have any further questions that you would like answered, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


We look forward to meeting you soon.