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I'm Ben, the proud Owner and Co-Founder of The Body Transformers in Swindon.


I am a habit & behaviour change coach and Personal Trainer. I have been working in the health & fitness industry for over 7 years, professionally. 


The Body Transformers has become the go-to body transformation/personal training business for females in Swindon. We've combined years of personal training, nutrition & coaching practices to help deliver results to our clients. 


The Body Transformers is an exclusive female-only body transformation fitness suite that focuses on realistic long-term results, not quick-fix solutions.


Our coaching methods are specifically designed to get you optimal results whilst helping to improve physical & mental health, but most importantly, helping you maintain those results over the long term. 


We are Swindon's Highest Rated Personal Training Business, and we're incredibly proud of what we've helped our clients achieve over the years.


We opened on the 11th of January 2016 and have taken over 8,000 personal training sessions in that time. We've welcomed over 800 women through our doors, helping them get into shape and achieve their health & fitness goals. 


We help women transform themselves by focusing on our four pillars of success: 


- Training

- Nutrition

- Mindset & Lifestyle Change

- Accountability & Coaching


Please feel free to read our reviews from clients and see what they had to say about working with us. 


You'll be able to look at our reviews by clicking the links below:




If you want to be our next success story, all you need to do is click the link below, and you can enquire about working with us. 


We hope to see you soon :)

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