Personal Training is a specialist service and is expensive, however it's by far the best option when looking at making a transformation. For most people, personal training isn't even financially feasible. Due to the high prices of Personal Training putting people off, Personal Trainers (PT's) often resort to lowering their level of service to bring on board a client and then ultimately, not delivering the results they promise their clients.

For example, every PT knows (and you'll probably know too) that if you train with a PT more often, you're going to get far better results. However the average cost of a Personal Trainer today is between £30-50 per session

If you really want to make a fantastic body transformation, you'd ideally need to workout with your PT 3-5x per week, which on average would cost you around £90-£250 per week and £360-£1,000 per month, and for most of us, that price just isn't feasible. 

....and that's just the training! 

As most of us all know, training is only around 20% of the equation when it comes to making a body transformation and the remaining 80% is made up of they say, right? 

Imagine you had a personal trainer AND a nutritionist to help you. You would get AMAZING results, right? But again, nutritionists are very similar in prices to Personal Trainer, as they are also a specialist service...£30-50 per session

So now, let's imagine.... You're already spending £360-1000 p/m on your exercise with a Personal Trainer and now you're seeing a nutritionist every few weeks to review your nutrition and they set you up with a plan too. We're now looking at around £450 - £1,100 p/m. 


The reality is that even if you have your nutrition and exercise done by an expert for you, you could still fail at your goals. 

The other most important thing when it comes to transforming your body is...Mindset. Imagine you had the BEST personal training program and BEST nutrition program in the World, yet your mind just isn't into it due to your busy lifestyle, the kids, work, day to day stresses....we hate to say it, but you'll end up just giving up. 

*Be honest with yourself for a wouldn't be on this page if you hadn't given up on all the other programs, diets, gym memberships that you've tried before, right?!*

It's easy for everyone to be motivated in the first 4 weeks, but imagine feeling motivated for an entire year.....or even better, for the rest of your life! Imagine having a team of experts with you every step of the way so ensure a guaranteed outcome for you. 

Could you see how that would help you to get better results? 

We sit down with our clients on a monthly basis to review their progress with them and help support them with any problems or struggles they're having. We teach certain mindset techniques that help you develop an unstoppable mindset which is KEY to your transformation. 

Sitting down with a Mindset & Lifestyle Coach would cost similar to a nutritionist and personal trainer (£30-50 per session). 

You now add this into the price and we're now talking costing you up to £1,200 per month! 

If money, wasn't a problem of course most people would LOVE to do this because it's giving you the absolute best support with experts all around you to help you achieve your goal. 

Gym memberships, slimming clubs, fat loss pills, juicing, fad diets, home workout DVD' many people do you know that get AMAZING results from those consistently AND more importantly keep the results?...not many we're presuming....


The really sad statistic is around only 5-10% of people actually achieve their results AND maintain them for the rest of their life :( 

The average brit wastes over £500 a year on gym memberships, diets, food shopping etc. 

Think about all the money you've wasted over the years on diets and exercise programs that still haven't solved your issue and you end up heavier, more frustrated, more disappointed in yourself, lower self-confidence and you just don't know where to turn to next. We promise you that coaching will actually cost you less in the long-run and deliver a guaranteed outcome. 

You need to be coached! It's the best chance you'll ever have at achieving your goal and at The Body Transformers, we provide you with a team of experts (personal trainers, nutritionist, mindset & lifestyle coach), to help you get that guaranteed outcome you want.

We have created a win-win situation for us and for you. 

We get to deliver a high-end level of service and get our clients AWESOME results (like the ones you can find on our 'Success Stories' page, but we're able to offer it at a fraction of the cost of what it would be privately in the marketplace.


Our personal training sessions are done within a very small group of 6 of liked-minded womenEverything else is still kept on a one-to-one basis. 

This allows us to lower the cost for you to make it much more feasible to be able to afford a high-end level of service, plus you get the added benefit of working out with like-minded women who can all help support you on your journey AND you get to be part of a really great, supportive community ( our reviews on Facebook and Google if you can't take our word for it :)  

Our membership is designed to produce high-end results for every client and ensure they get everything they need to achieve their goals. This is a high-end level of service you'll be receiving, which is why we've called it our Elite VIP Body Transformation Membership.


Here's what you'll get with the Elite VIP Body Transformation Membership on a monthly basis:

  • Unlimited Personal Training Sessions (Worth £360-£1000+ p/m)

  • VIP Nutrition Educational Video Library (Worth £297)

  • Private Support from Nutritionist (Worth £199)

  • Access to Secret VIP Facebook Group (Worth £49)

  • 30-Minute Live Q&A w/The Body Transformers Team Every Week (Worth £99)

  • Results Tracker App (Worth £19)

  • Private One-to-One Mindset, Nutrition Review & Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (Worth £100)

  • VIP Daily Email Support (Worth £58)

  • Access to our VIP Refer-A-Friend Bonus Reward System (Earn £100 for each referral)

  • Access to our Female-Only Private Transformation Studio

If you were to do this program privately, you'd have to pay around £1,800 per month

Our prices are displayed down below: 

Please note: WE ARE NOT a quick fix program or diet. We are designed to get you the best results as quickly, but as healthily as possible and to find you a long-term solution to the problem you are having with your current health & body shape to ensure you get the results for life, not just a few weeks or for a holiday.... 

We DO NOT take on every client that applies to work with us. We're selective with who we chose to take on and want to ensure we only work with positive, motivated women who are willing to invest into getting the best level of help and understand the benefits of expert coaching.  

Monthly Payment Options

12 Weeks = £299 every 4 weeks (£74 per week)


6 Months = £249 per month (£62 per week)


12 Months = £199 per month(£49  per week) 

*Most Popular*

(Receive a 10% discount for any membership paid upfront)   

14 Day Trial

We offer a 14-day trial to any new client looking to join us to see if you like it before committing to any of our programs. You'll get access to 4 Personal Training sessions each week for 2 weeks & a 60-minute private one-to-one body transformation consultation session. 

We only charge £47 for the trial period.

Please submit an inquiry by clicking the 'Contact Us' button down below if you are thinking of joining us or have any questions about our Elite VIP Membership or 14 Day Trial.